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Goal Setting for Footballers

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Goal Setting is one of the most well known and more misunderstood psychological skills. Goal Setting is the overall process of effectively setting, monitoring and achieving goals. Setting goals is the first step to turning the invisible into visible!

This guide covers;
  • Goal setting process, (setting goals, creating a plan of action, practicing, monitoring/evaluating progress)
  • Myths about goal setting
  • Common goal setting mistakes
  • Setting Effective Goals
  • How to develop a goal setting mentality

*All guides are in a PDF format.
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Customer Reviews


6 months ago

Goal setting review

Much more detailed course than I was expecting. Thoroughly enjoyable and eye-opening on the process of goal setting and the various different ways to set and assess goals. I really liked how It started out broad and educational, and gradually became more detailed throughout, it made it very easy to follow. So many areas covered which I wouldn't have considered and didn't previously see as important. This makes you realise perhaps why you don't always succeed or adhere to your goals long-term. Overall, I think almost everybody would benefit from such a course due to simply the detail which is given on how to set your goals, how to achieve your goals, and why you might not be achieving your goals right now.

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