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Sport Psychology Coaching and Guides

Sport Psychology Coaching and Guides

Find out about our sport psychology coaching services and our downloadable guides.

Sport Psychology

What is Sport Psychology?

Training your mind helps you to prepare for the high and lows of sport, and allows you to be ready for whatever comes your way. The main aim of sport psychology is improve the performance and well-being of the athlete through psychological training. For more details, contact us directly.

How do we train it?

We use called Psychological Skills Training to improve our mental skills in sport and exercise settings. Psychological Skills Training simply refers to the structured and consistent practice of mental or psychological skills with the purpose of increasing performance, enjoyment, or achieving greater self-satisfaction. People think sport psychology is a "quick fix", but it's not. Think about it like strength training, one session won't make a massive difference, but if you follow a programme and train it consistently, you'll see results over time. Psychological Skills Training is exactly the same.

Examples of Psychological Skills You Can Develop:

  • Goal Setting and Commitment
  • Anxiety / Emotion Management
  • Concentration
  • Confidence and Self-Believe
  • Self-Talk
  • Imagery
  • Communication

Online Coaching.

Want to improve your performance? We offer online sport psychology coaching to develop your psychological skills. We help you identify what psychological skills you need to develop, educate you on the topics, design you a programme to work on these skills and support and assist you throughout the process.

Sport Psychology Guides

We also offer Sport Psychology Guides. The guides allow you to educate yourself on many Sport Psychology topics relevant for footballers. They include also practical examples and exercises, which can help you to start training for yourself.

You can purchase all of our courses at a discounted price, or purchase the individual courses most relevant to you.

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Sport Psychology Guide Bundle (7 Guides)


What's Include in Our Bundle

Goal Setting for Footballers


Creating a Training and Match Day Routine for Footballers


Improving Concentration for Footballers


Self Talk for Footballers


Confidence and Self-Esteem for Footballers


Enhancing Assertive Behaviours for Footballers


Managing Emotions and Anxiety for Footballers


Oisín Seager

Oisín Seager is the founder of Seager Coaching, a platform that was created to provide high quality football and sport science information to the public to help them improve their performance as athletes.  

Oisín Seager is a football performance coach that specialises in guiding, coaching and supporting athletes to become a better version of themselves by developing their technical, tactical and physical skills. When developing these skills, Oisín uses education and an underpinning of sport psychology to maximize gains and provide the athlete with life long changes rather than a "quick fix". 

Oisín holds a UEFA A licence, a BSc in Sports Coaching and Performance and a MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology. He has a vast amount of experience coaching across all groups and ability levels. Oisín has previously coached with Southend United FC's academy in England and with Waterford FC's academy in Ireland. He is currently a full-time coach with Level 7 Academy, a college programme in London.