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Improving Concentration for Footballers

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Football is a sport that involves many variables that require us to concentration. Concentration is the ability to perform a task with a clear and present mind. Developing our concentration is a much-needed skill in sport because we must be able to process and focus on the important things in a game whilst blocking out the less useful distractions. This guide aims to educate you about concentration and offers practical advice on how to improve focus.

This guide covers;
  • Breaking down a game of football
  • Understanding attention and concentration
  • Concentration Training Exercises
  • Managing distractions
  • Avoiding choking
  • How to control our attention

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Customer Reviews

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4 months ago

Concentration review

Very very detailed course. Not just on the information given, but every page was related back to football. Although it was a little information-heavy in some parts, it was always brought back to a football-specific example. This was a big help because if at times you were confused, there was always an example that helped break it down in terms that we know. Very informative


4 months ago

Concentration mini course

Overall a great course for being called a mini one lol. It explained what i lacked and gave me a view i didn't consider this far, which can impact me in the long run for sure. Maybe a bit more explaining with the professional terms/big words used here for those folks who aren't familiar with them. I also liked implementation of drills and tasks, more of those is welcome always, i look forward to doing those! You all should take these courses, Seager puts time in them and they're quality!

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