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Overall a great course for being called a mini one. It explained what I lacked and gave me a view I didn't consider this far, which can impact me in the long run for sure. Maybe a bit more explaining with the professional terms/big words used here for those folks who aren't familiar with them. I also liked the implementation of drills and tasks, more of those is welcome always, I look forward to doing those! You all should take these courses, Seager puts time in them and they're quality!

— Nikola

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Very very detailed course. Not just on the information given, but every page was related back to football. Although it was a little information-heavy in some parts, it was always brought back to a football-specific example. This was a big help because if at times you were confused, there was always an example that helped break it down in terms that we know. Very informative

— Christopher

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As a professional gamer I found this course very applicable to competing in Esports and it has definitely helped me a lot. I've applied some of the knowledge and information to my gaming habits and have seen a big improvement in my confidence and self esteem, It has also made me realise how important it is to take these factors seriously as they can drastically impact performance.

— Adam

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Much more detailed course than I was expecting. Thoroughly enjoyable and eye-opening on the process of goal setting and the various different ways to set and assess goals. I really liked how It started out broad and educational, and gradually became more detailed throughout, it made it very easy to follow. So many areas covered which I wouldn't have considered and didn't previously see as important. This makes you realise perhaps why you don't always succeed or adhere to your goals long-term. Overall, I think almost everybody would benefit from such a course due to simply the detail which is given on how to set your goals, how to achieve your goals, and why you might not be achieving your goals right now

— Nathan