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Are you an aspiring professional footballer that's struggling to elevate your game?

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The Online Academy offers the best results and very frequent uploads.

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Online Academy

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  • One pre-recorded workshop uploaded to the website every Monday on a topic to help with performance as a footballer. The workshop topics range from technical development, psychology, wellbeing, strength and conditioning, analysis, nutrition and much more.
  • Access to all 15 previously uploaded workshops.
  • A 4-Week Fitness Programme for Footballers.
  • Frequent video Q&As where you can get your specific questions answered.
  • Bonus shorter videos and gifts.

Testimonial from an Online Academy Member

"I worked with Oisin for a year. Found the experience extremely rewarding and beneficial to my career. I got to experience two aspects of the work from when I was recovering from a difficult injury, facing multiple setbacks and when I finally got back to playing. While I was injured, I was able to set the foundations of the mental work and really enjoyed the breathing work and imagery during this time. The program really helped me mentally to deal with setbacks and not allow them effect my progress. I found myself implementing techniques and habits subconsciously throughout my day which is a good sign to the work we've done.

 I have enjoyed working on the mental side of my game and I feel it has improved both my on field performance and my daily life outside of football."

— Mikey Raggett

Here's what some of my mentoring clients say about my work...

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It’s been really good and helpful I set out targets for myself and I am happy and feel good to hit them targets. Just being able to have a plan and to talk to someone in football that can help me individually [is the most useful part of the programme]… Honestly everything has been top.

— Lucas Jordan, Welwyn Garden City FC.

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A very good mentoring programme, you feel cared for and any questions are answered. I was in a situation where I was looking for a team and the mentoring helped me find one. The ability to call and talk about football for advice [is the the most useful part of the programme]. 

— Kai Fraser, Colney Heath FC

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Realising that my mind actually does play a big part in football [is the biggest thing I've gained from the programme]. I have already been feeling the effects of it. I have often seen on social media about the mental side of the game but I never actually knew what it meant or how to train it. I feel more confident that I can take on any challanges I face with the injury and after I return.

— Mikey Raggett, UCD AFC